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January 22, 2011



Totally on the home stretch with that vector.  1 Month, 2 Weeks, and that's it so far.  Only a few little nicks that need adding, and it will be up.

On another note, Painting.  I have 2 classes of painting.  Well, 3 if you count that digital one, but anyway I am planning new stuff.  As t turns out, I am becoming more rounded when it comes to this stuff.  One of my professors jokingly said, 'your parents would hate me, but I think you would do well as a fine artist.'  And who knows?  I do enjoy painting, and drawing, and fiddling with what I see, and its just overall enjoyable to watch things come together almost like magic.

I do have some sort of a job now; Illustrating a book for a professor at my college.  I see a little trouble with it on the horizon, but if everything goes well, this will be my first ever paying graphics job.  I am nervous like you wouldnt believe, but I guess it is as they say, 'the first time's the hardest.'

If all goes well, I might even have a long term graphics job, and by that I mean teaching it.  I'm not too sure if I should be taking a comment I received seriously or not, but its probably the most encouraging thing I have gotten from any professor thus far.  She said, 'if you get your Masters Degree and come back here, you sir will have a job.'

So, long term goal?
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Getting Thereby Serated13

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BalanceYYA Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2011   Interface Designer
Like I've told you man, you're really good at teaching and it would prove to be a great job for you. I hope for the best for you man.
Teavian Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011   Digital Artist
Ohh, you're doing the book! *feels slow* I wish you best of luck! I'm sure you'll do well, you've improved lots.
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