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March 23, 2011


I finally found something new besides anime to vector.  As telling form the 'Jon Doe' vector.  So now I might go back around and vector some portraits of people.  Aside from all that, I will try applying more of what I have towards varying the stuff I have.  A professor lent me a very good magazine full of inspiration and ideas for paintings, vectors, and other pieces.  So the future looks good.

On another note, I hate looking for work around here (Florida).  I think its like a 10%+ unemployment, and I have screwed up so many interviews by asking the highly stupid 'is there anyone else who really needs this job?'  I also hate the fact that I am selling myself to these people.  Its not all about me trying to impress employers, but I dont give a crap about clothing, or selling things.  Its so counter-intuitive, but my family always tells me you need to start with those degrading jobs first.  Well why of all words would you use 'degrading' to describe them?  This is why people of my generation hate working.  We arent lazy, we just dont want to look like a bunch of idiots, nor do we wanted to be treated as such.

I have an almost laundry list of bad things that happened at places of employment to my friends, ranging anywhere from chicken pox at a birthday party, to being told they are failures by their employers.  This doesnt bode well for anyone's future.
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Teavian Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011   Digital Artist
Yeah, it's pretty messed up. As much as I don't exactly favor the idea of working for fast food, all I really want is to get ahead, so I try not to think about the degrading or annoying parts in the future.
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